Tad Bradley Designs, llc originated from a desire to unite my skills and passion for all aspects of design [architecture, graphic, typography, industrial], exploration of materials, hands-on fabrication and education. I am compelled to explore overlapping and dissimilar ideas while being mindful of a design narrative...parallel to life itself. I consider it an honor to bring ideas from the minds-eye to reality. 

All images copyright Tad Bradley Designs, LLC. All rights reserved. 

It is because of my architectural education that I work in the manner and with the materials that I do. Every material has layers of complexity that must be understood in order to manipulate and accomplish the goal of the work. Different tools demand varying levels of skill and practice. Architecture and the art involved that transcend 'space' are built from multiple and simple levels of clarity, which upon overlapping, create an orchestra to be inhabited and experienced. 

Architecture typically has a brief or goals associated with the task at hand. Art is much less prescriptive. My exploration of materials and composition is driven by seemingly dissimilar questions raised in my professional and personal life. The series 'pause' was inspired by the sectional images seen from an ultrasound of my veins. The vertical steel and glass triptychs are my exact height.

I explore architectural compositions within my work. Ideas of transparency, structure and relationships of relativity easily scale from art to architecture. I am compelled to create using an abstract visual language. This allows the greatest breadth of interpretation by those who view the work.

I continually seek to more fully understand materials, fabrication, composition, interpretation and myself through the work I make. I have found that working with ones hands offers a level of knowledge that cannot be learned through any text, no matter how eloquently written.